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Who We Are

Safewave Technology is a company that focuses on creating a safer environment for individuals who are Deaf/HOH through our patent pending wearable device.

Founded in 2018, Safewave is committed to not only creating new innovative technology - but working smart and effectively while doing so. We are team of creative thinkers  who prides ourselves on creating a safe, secure and easy to use smart security systems for our respected customers and their families. 

Our expertise encompasses a variety of technologies that all combine together under one platform.

The Safewave team is focused on getting our products to the market as quickly and effectively as possible while still keeping our users safe. 

Our Products

High Quality Vibration Band

Safewave has created a vibration based security system in the form of a wristband. Our unique wristband connects to window sensors, door sensors, fire alarms, and more. The Safewave team created a way to use our products with your already existing security systems by simply downloading the Safewave Mobile Application and connecting the band to the mobile app. 

Our products are currently undergoing testing, but we are looking forward to launch the band in 2021 and other products alike in the following years.

“Safewave Technology is going to be a game changer for the Deaf and Hard-of- Hearing community by helping them feel safe within their own homes. I am Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing and I often get asked "What am I going to do if someone is breaking into my home?" I did not know the answer until I met the Safewave team. They gave me the opportunity to test their product using the wristband while I slept, and the testing went phenomenal! Not only did it wake me up, but it brought peace of mind to myself and my parents now knowing that there is a chance for me to be safe within my own home!”

Tyler Stoeckel, NKU Graduate and Prototype

Meet The Team

CEO/Founder, Co-Founder, and Chief Engineer 

Our team consist of Serial Entrepreneurs, Engineers, Innovators, and Creatives. 


Trevon Bruch


Jared Gabbard

Chief Engineer

Bradley Herald

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