Your home but safer, with Safewave.

The quality of safety is apparent in the back of everyone’s minds. At Safewave Technology, our mission is to enhance the safety, security and quality of life for individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing through our wearable technology.

The Safewave wristband and the Safewave App work together to effectively alert an individual of their most important notifications. 

The Safewave App monitors and receives notification alerts for: 

Family with Tablet
Sleeping Baby

Baby Monitoring Systems

Smart Alarm System

Smart Security & Fire Alarm Systems 

Booking a Meeting

Alarms, Timers, Texts, and More! 

The  Smart Wristband


Vibration motors placed at the bottom of your wrist for more sensitivity to notifications. 

The Technology


Your smart wristband will connect to our Safewave app via bluetooth allowing you to select what notifications your band receives.

The  Compatibility


The wristband is designed to connect to your smart phone and receive notifications alone. The connector allows you to interchange your smart wristband with regular or smart face watches if desired.