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About Us

Safewave originated when founder Trevon Bruch was sleeping in his room and was suddenly awaken by a fire alarm. After checking the surroundings and realize that no threat was present Trevon began to think, “What if I didn’t hear the alarm and something was seriously wrong?” 


From there, Trevon reached out to Co-Founder Jared Gabbard and asked him to search for devices for individuals who are Deaf(+). With surprise, Jared couldn’t find anything in the market for these 466 million individuals. Trevon and Jared took the concept of a vibration-based wristband to Northern Kentucky Universities “Small Business Development” department and was eventually sent to “TCU Values and Ventures Pitch Competition”, the United States second best pitch in the country. After the TCU competition, Safewave Technology became an official LLC in 2019. 


Safewave was created with the purpose of giving those individuals who are Deaf(+) the opportunity to protect their families and their homes through a vibration-based wristband that links to mainstream security systems and fire alarms. Our patent pending wristband is the only mobile vibration-based product in the market. At Safewave, we aren't looking to reinvent the wheel, but we are pushing to add improvements to the home security industry for the 466 million individuals that our competitors overlooked. With these numbers and our patent pending wearable we can crush the market and deliver an effective vibration-based security system for our unique demographic. This small feature has BIG impact and satisfies the need for safety in a population that was previously overlooked. Implementing vibrating motors allows Safewave Technology to expand safety for some, into safety for all. 

The Team

Trevon Bruch, Co-Founder & CEO

Bradley Herald, Co-Founder & CTO 

Jared Gabbard, Co-Founder & CAO 

Bogdan Shoyat, Co-Founder & Lead Developer


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